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When at work, our priority is to give 100% and help customers get durable asphalt paving. This is why Wil Mac Paving Ltd offers a 1-year asphalt surface warranty. This warranty covers you against any defects caused due to workmanship or materials from the date of completion against cracking and depressions. However, these warranties come with limitations, including:


Cracking can occur due to many reasons but we cover cracking-based damages present at the sub-base level. Hairline cracks caused due to the expansion and contraction of asphalt aren’t covered under our warranty. Any other cracks caused by weather, tree roots, underground cables, pipes and the heaving of the culvert are also not covered under the warranty. 

Cracks can occur due to the tamped edge of driveways without concrete curbs. We recommend the top be banked flush to the top of the asphalt. Any resultant cracking that qualifies our conditions will be handled properly and the damage will be repaired free of cost using asphalt crack filler.


We cover depressions beyond 1" depth. Anything less than that is considered under the normal settlement of asphalt driveways. If the depression is caused by inadequate compaction of foundation by other contractors, the heaving of a culvert pipe, catch basins and underground cables and pipe, it is not covered under the warranty. Any depression-based warranty claims that comply with all the warranty conditions will be repaired using a tac coated layer of asphalt over the damaged area.


If you claim your warranty, it will not nullify the agreement of payment. Payment is due upon the completion of the project. To know more, give us a call at 613-545-2220 or e-mail us at

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