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Wil Mac Paving Ltd’s Tips to Manage Your Asphalt Pavement in Kingston and Surrounding Areas

Wil Mac Paving Ltd offers top-notch paving services to residential and commercial clients in Kingston and surrounding areas. Our team can help you out with a project in Gananoque/Lansdowne, Lanark County, Leeds and Grenville or Prince Edward County. We care about our customers and want to make sure that their driveways last for a long time. We have curated a list of tips to make your asphalt driveways last longer. Read on to find out!

Asphalt Setup Time

It can take about a whole year for asphalt to cure fully. However, you can start using it after 48-72 hours, depending on the weather. The asphalt might loosen up under the sun at its peak during the initial days, and scuffing might occur. All this is temporary and will get better as asphalt hardens further. Asphalt scarring will occur if you turn your steering wheel before putting your automobile in motion. During this time, you should avoid heels, kickstands or even motorcycle tires that can leave an impression on the surface. If you have to park a bike, make sure you put something hard and flat (like plywood) under the kickstand to avoid any damage to the paved driveway or parking lot.

Asphalt Tamped Edges

If you don’t want a concrete-based or any other type of abutment solution for supporting the edges of your surface, asphalt tamped edges can be a great option. Despite the fact that they look great, they lack the strength required on the wear areas. We suggest flushing topsoil on the edges towards the top of the elevation. This backfilling process will protect the edges of the asphalt surface.

Gas or Diesel Leaks

When your engine is leaking oil or when there is oil transmission fluid and lower refined oil-based products, it can lead to discoloration and softening of the asphalt surface. Generally, you can clean it up using soap detergent and it will reverse the effects of the fluids. However, for refined oils like gasoline and diesel, you might need a blotter. Some examples of blotter products are 'kitty litter', 'Absorbol' or even 'sand'.

Asphalt Surface Treatment

If you ever decide to seal your asphalt surface, it is recommended that you use water-based coal tar emulsion. Most manufacturers suggest a waiting period of 90 days after a surface is freshly installed. This also covers and smooths any roughness that can be seen on the surface finish. Make sure you note that this product is for protecting the surface from oil damage from vehicles.

Drainage Problems Should Be Addressed

If the water does not drain from your asphalt paving or driveway quickly, it can weaken the surface and cause cracks. This allows water to enter into existing cracks and deteriorate the integrity of the structure. Especially in winters, this can cause more trouble. 

When water leaks onto the cracks during the freezing temperatures of winter, it turns into ice and expands, pushing your pavement with it. Once the temperature rises, the ice melts, allowing the asphalt to settle down and result in a pothole.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that the gutters and downspouts in your home are directing the water away from the driveway. If this isn’t working and you are still getting water on the driveway, this might indicate that you need more drains.

Weed Removal Should Be a Priority

Always prioritize weed removal and make sure that you handle any weed growth on your asphalt as soon as possible. Weed and other plants can seriously harm surfaces and can make them weak as well as vulnerable to cracks. Plants like these grow very fast and can quickly take up a large area and expand your cracks. Through chemical elimination, physical removal or barrier installation, you can efficiently eliminate weeds from thriving in your property or space.

Remove Debris

Make sure that you clean the debris on the asphalt surface from time to time. This is because the debris can block the drainage properties of the asphalt surface. Also, cleaning it can regularly make it look great.

Keep Grass Clippings Off

Grass clippings can have seeds that can enter the cracks and sprout up as grass. Make sure you clean any freshly cut grass as quickly as possible.

Regularly Inspect Your Driveway

Asphalt surface maintenance is your responsibility and you should regularly inspect it visually (once a month, preferably). If you see any structural damage, you should always act towards resolving it. This can help you identify the issues before they become bigger.

These were just general tips that everyone can try out. However, if you are interested in knowing more, call our office at 613-545-2220 or send us an email at

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